Class of 1912 graduate sends gift to fourth-year medical student

Time capsules span generations, bringing messages and assistance from people who lived long ago. Once buried, the capsules ar e typically out of sight, out of mind, until the pr escribed time for the capsule to be opened.

Guy Rothwell Fisher, M’1912

In a similar fashion, a generous gift was made to the medical school over 60 years ago through the final wishes of Guy Rothwell Fisher, M’1912. Now, more than half a century later, the Class of 2019’s Kenneth Lim has been awarded the inaugural Guy R. Fisher, M.D., Scholarship.

Fisher specialized in ophthalmology and otolaryngology, practicing in New Hope and Staunton, Virginia. From his vocation to his avocations, he was invested in helping others as a business and community leader.

At the time of his death in 1957 at age 67 , he left his estate in trust with instruction to provide monthly support for each of his nieces and nephews . Upon the passing of his last heir in 2014, the remainder of the trust was transferred to the MCV Foundation, per Fisher’s wishes, and used to create an endowed medical student scholarship in his name to be awarded to students based on financial need and academic merit.

“Dr. Guy Fisher graduated from MCV 106 years ago, so it is strange that I feel this personal connection to him, ” Lim says of the unusual circumstances that led to the scholarship’s creation.

The Class of 2019’s Kenneth Lim


“He has no idea about the progress MCV has made or how he has influenced my life. My parents have worked tirelessly and have made countless sacrifices to provide opportunities for me. I am fortunate to have them, and now, Dr. Guy Fisher — a man who passed away even before my parents were born — to support me on this path to becoming the first physician in my family.”

Now in his fourth year of medical school, Lim has begun applying to urology residencies. Much like Fisher, he says he is pursuing a surgical subspecialty to have the opportunity to work with patients both in the clinic and the operating room. “I am very grateful to receive this scholarship and to be its first recipient,”

Lim says. “It provides me peace of mind and allows me flexibility when making financial decisions, but more importantly, this scholarship motivates me to continue to work diligently and act righteously to be the best student I can be .”

A leader in his field, Fisher served as president of the Medical Society of Virginia and the Medical Society of the Valley of Virginia as well as of the Virginia Society of Ophthalmology and Otolaryngology. He was also active in the Shriners and the Kiwanis organizations and the Methodist Church.

On Jan. 15, 1957, Fisher was remembered with these words by the Augusta County Medical Society: “He departed this life, leaving behind a rich heritage to those with whom he had come in contact: wide w as the sphere of influence and acquaintance in the field of medicine , masonry, politics, religion and human relations; for he was not unknown to any organization in the many walks of life; for each and all had profited from his wide experience, rhetoric, personality and influence and the common welfare of man. Now, that only memory of this beloved personality remains in the minds of his many friends, they, indeed, will cherish the good fortune of having known Guy Rothwell Fisher, who ever strove to emulate the Great Physician.”

Today, he is remembered by Lim, who will carry his legacy forward: “While I cannot thank Dr. Fisher or his family today, I hope my actions and future accomplishments will honor him. I am grateful to receive this assistance and I hope to provide the same help to future medical students.”

By Leetah Stanley