Read more about the advances that have been made possible through the generous philanthropy of alumni, grateful patients and community leaders.

Stan Pauley often asked, “What’s next?”

To that, VCU Health Pauley Heart Center Director W. Gregory Hundley, M’88, answers, “We’re trying to come up with the next discovery and provide and expand access for all who need it.”

Pauley’s strategic plan points to innovative research, clinical excellence, premium education, community engagement, and team member development and wellness.

Whether it’s addressing hypertension in the local community or expanding cardiac rehab, “What’s amazing about the Pauley Heart Center is the desire to get it right,” Hundley says. “That’s the enduring spirit here.”

Philanthropy has made the difference over the past 15 years and can transform the future. This past year, more than 100 alumni and community members have joined the newly formed Pauley Society by making an annual gift of $1,000 or more to any Pauley fund, and others have helped the center prepare for the future through planned gifts.

MCV Foundation's Ann Deppman

Ann Deppman, director of gift planning at the MCV Foundation. This story was published in the fall 2021 issue of 12th & Marshall. You can find the current and past issues online.

Ann Deppman, director of gift planning at the MCV Foundation, arrived on the MCV Campus in 2020. She partners with School of Medicine and VCU Health development officers as an expert resource to help tailor gifts to a donor’s unique needs and interests.

She notes that, for many people, planning for family is their first priority.

“After that, think about the things that have been important in your life,” Deppman says. “Dedicating a portion of your wealth to causes such as the Pauley Heart Center can be very satisfying. A gift through your will or living trust allows you to make a gift that you may never have thought possible. You can help ensure the Pauley Heart Center is here to benefit future generations.”

Deppman answers some of the most commonly asked questions about planned giving.

What assets should I use for my gift to the MCV Foundation?
Most donors choose to give pre-tax assets (e.g., regular retirement plans, stock options) to the MCV Foundation and post-tax assets (e.g., Roth retirement plans, securities, real estate) to individuals. This is because individuals are taxed on pre-tax assets that are passed to them, but the MCV Foundation is not.

My plans may change in the future — do you still want to know about them now?
Yes. We understand that this type of gift may change in the future and do not rely upon the information you share when we make business decisions. Sharing information about your gift is important to:

  • Allow us to express our gratitude and welcome you to the MCV Society, which honors and recognizes alumni and friends who have made a planned gift.
  • Ensure that we understand your wishes and can carry them out.
  • Enable us to keep you apprised of new programs or developments that may relate to your plans.
  • Help us meet our internal goals and objectives.
  • Inspire others to make similar gifts, increasing the impact of your own gift.

Should I make an unrestricted or specific use gift?
Since it is impossible to know what Pauley’s priorities may be when your gift arrives, we recommend you make an unrestricted gift to be used for the general purposes, providing future leaders with the opportunity to direct your gift where it is most needed at the time it is received.

If I choose to make a specific use gift, how can I be sure the gift will be used in the manner I have directed in my will or living trust?
Depending on the nature of your gift, we may recommend the creation of a gift agreement to memorialize your intent in making the gift and your understanding of how it will be used.

To learn more, contact Carrie Mills, Pauley senior director of development, at (804) 828-0423 or, or the MCV Foundation’s Ann Deppman at (804) 828-4599 or

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