Dear colleagues,

Our school’s 12th & Marshall alumni magazine remains an important way for us to maintain connections with our far-flung alumni. Published twice a year, the magazine chronicles the life of the school and highlights the many ways our faculty, students and alumni contribute to their communities.

The latest issue is available on our website and spotlights:

  • The historic, transformational $104 million gift from Richard Todd Stravitz, M.D., F’93, F’97, and his family’s Barbara Brunckhorst Foundation to support the VCU Stravitz-Sanyal Institute for Liver Disease & Metabolic Health.
  • Department of Anesthesiology Chair Alice A. Coombs, M.D., who encourages readers to address society’s complex problems by offering and honoring multiple perspectives. “We benefit from learning from others. Having that diverse input takes us away from single-channel group think,” she says.
  • Some of the ways our school, residency programs and alumni are increasing access to care in rural areas at both a local and national level.
  • A first-person perspective from the Class of 2023’s Meagan Shinbashi who created a comic touching on topics like patient autonomy, cultural competency and difficult patient encounters for her Physician, Patient and Society course that was later published in Graphic Medicine.
  • The Joseph Lyons Miller Collection, a treasure trove of rare medical books, manuscripts and prints that is now part of VCU Libraries’ Special Collections and archives.

The magazine serves as a reminder of the varied ways our School of Medicine community makes an impact through compassionate service to our neighbors, to science and to medicine, and its stories are evidence of our school’s far-reaching influence. I thank you for all that you do, including the role you play in preparing our current students to make lasting contributions in the future.

With gratitude,

David P. Chelmow, M.D. - Interim Dean, VCU School of Medicine; Interim Executive Vice President for Medical Affairs, VCU Health