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June 2, 2022

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Spring 2022 feature stories

Largest gift in university history propels vision for worldwide impact, improved health for all

The historic, transformational $104 million gift from Richard Todd Stravitz, M.D., F’93, F’97, and his family’s Barbara Brunckhorst Foundation is the largest publicly shared gift for liver research in U.S. history. It will support research and education about liver diseases and metabolically driven disorders as well as care for patients with these conditions.

Match Day 2022

Coming to a medical center near you! Find out where our graduating students are headed for residency training.

Dare to follow your vision

National leader Alice A. Coombs, M.D., has been appointed new chair of the VCU Department of Anesthesiology. She says to address complex problems that affect all of us as a society, you need multiple perspectives. “We benefit from learning from others. Having that diverse input takes us away from single-channel group think.”

From the heart of Downtown Richmond, caring for rural Virginia and beyond

The School of Medicine, its residency programs and its alumni are increasing access to care in rural areas, from the local level to the national stage.

Why she does it

Dawn G. Mueller, M’72, H’75, F’77, has found motivation in a host of past experiences. As she’s moved through life, her ability to make an impact has grown and evolved. In the process, she’s left a legacy of generosity that will live on at her alma mater.

First Person: Meagan Shinbashi

The Class of 2023’s Meagan Shinbashi has been drawing comics since elementary school. She had the chance to put her talents to work in the medical school’s Physician, Patient and Society course. Her class assignment touched on topics like patient autonomy, cultural competency and difficult patient encounters — and ended up attracting the notice of Graphic Medicine, which published her comic in January 2022.

Piece of the Past

The Joseph Lyons Miller Collection, which dates to 1500, returns to 12th and Clay streets after more than three decades. “Health sciences students will have an opportunity to learn about the antecedents of their professions, history scholars may learn more about the development of health care and aspiring artists may be inspired by the images found throughout this amazing collection.”


Through Your Eyes

Paulius Mui, M’20, created the 280-card game Table Rounds to bring playfulness to medical education. Just like the children’s song reminds us that “the foot bone’s connected to the leg bone,” Table Rounds’ four-sided cards give medical students the chance to make the case to their fellow players that copper is connected to cirrhosis. Or to bilirubin. Or to Wilson’s disease.

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Spring 2022 expanded stories

M23 Radu Mitran wearing scrubs and a mask

SOM Discoveries

Adapting and overcoming: Students and researchers reflect on the pandemic’s impact

Thu, Sep 23, '21

Courtney Dawson, M'18, and Randolph Duffer, M'72, H'75, stand side-by-sde at the reception desk of his rural family practice in Gretna, Virginia.

SOM Discoveries

Courtney Dawson, M'18, and R. Randolph Duffer, M'72, H'75: Retiring alumnus hands over the reins of his rural practice

Mon, Nov 15, '21

H73 Byung-Boong Lee stands smiling in his white coat

SOM Discoveries

Byung-Boong Lee, F’73: A lasting impression

Wed, Mar 23, '22

Mohammed Quader, Szabolcs Szentpetery, Anthony Cassano, Vigneshwar Kasirajan

SOM Discoveries

Szabolcs Szentpetery, H’75: Honoring a historic time in medicine by helping future surgeons

Thu, Apr 28, '22

Head shot of Daniel Erb, MS’87, PhD’90 (ANAT)

SOM Discoveries

Daniel Erb, MS’87, PHD’90 (ANAT): Connections are key to alumnus’ career path

Fri, Dec 10, '21

Neri Cohen, H’89, F’98, smiling with arms crossed wearing a bow tie

SOM Discoveries

Neri Cohen, H’89, F’98: Digital health expert and alumnus returns to campus as Brooks-Lower Visiting Professor

Fri, Apr 1, '22

Mother and daughter stand arm-in-arm

VCU News

Kim Keith, M’86, and Mary Katherine Keith, M’17: Mother and daughter share passion for emergency medicine

Wed, Jun 1, '22

Head shot of James Nemitz

SOM Discoveries

James Nemtiz, PHD’80 (ANAT): Drawing on personal experience to prepare future rural physicians

Thu, Dec 16, '21

photo of Eric Freeman giving hooding ceremony speech on May 13, 2022

SOM Discoveries

Eric Freeman, M’02: Alumnus inspires medical graduates as keynote speaker at the VCU SOM Hooding Ceremony

Thu, May 19, '22

M05 Lemon, Latrina smiles for an outdoor portrait

VCU News

Latrina Lemon, M’05: ‘Every day there is something new. That’s part of why I like family medicine and primary care.’

Tue, Feb 22, '22

Sandra Balmoria, M’12, H’15, and Lori Landes, M'13 stand side-by-side

SOM Discoveries

Sandra Balmoria, M'12, H'15, and Lori Landes, MD-PHD'13: Expanding VCU's ability to train physicians for rural areas

Wed, Apr 20, '22

M14 H17 Loyd, Joshua with colleague in front of helicopter

VCU Alumni

Joshua Loyd, M’14, H’17: Grateful medicine alumnus prioritizes giving back to support students and residents

Mon, Nov 29, '21

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