Enrique Gerszten, M.D. Faculty Teaching Excellence Award

We are fortunate to work in an environment with many gifted educators. Susan D. Roseff, M.D., Professor of Pathology, Chair of Clinical Pathology, and Director of Apheresis, stands out among so many talented teachers because of her exceptional dedication to her students.

She took a personal interest in my story, something I later noticed she does for all of her students. Nelya Ebadirad, medical student class of 2016

Dr. Roseff is recognized for her teaching at all levels of medical education. As co-director of the Marrow portion of the new C3 Marrow and Movement course, she incorporated team-based learning to take advantage of the interactive design of the new teaching spaces. She has been recognized with “Best Teacher” and “High Evaluation” awards multiple times by medical students. Currently Associate Director for the Pathology Resident Training Program, she supervises and trains Pathology residents. Residents consistently give her the highest ratings as a mentor and teacher, and in 2006 the graduating class honored her with the Saul Kay Award, which recognizes a Pathology faculty member who is uniquely dedicated and effective in resident teaching. Dr. Roseff also supervises and teaches fellows in Adult and Child Hematology-Oncology and Nephrology.

Dr. Roseff’s expertise and teaching skills are recognized nationally and internationally. She has authored or co-authored eleven American Society for Clinical Pathology “Check Samples,” clinical teaching tools that are widely used in specific laboratory-based specialties, and served as an executive editor of the publication. She also teaches in association with the AABB, including annual meeting presentations and three international teleconferences.

I can say without restraint that Dr. Roseff is the most professional individual that I have ever trained under.Joseph Bergeron, M.D., former Anatomic and Clinical Pathology resident

Dr. Roseff’s colleagues agree. “Over and over again I have observed the level of personal interest she takes in her students and trainees, and her untiring willingness to advise and coach them … Dr. Roseff is one of the very few teachers I have encountered among the faculty who can clearly and succinctly identify trainees’ needs for improvement, providing them with specific examples and with detailed advice on how to remediate.” says Margaret Grimes, M.D., Professor of Pathology and the 2012 Gerszten Faculty Teaching Excellence awardee.

Linda Costanzo, Ph.D., Professor of Physiology, and the 1999 Gerszten Faculty Teaching Excellence awardee explains, “Her lessons in the Hematology/Oncology course were literally clinics on clarity, balance, and good humor in the face of teaching difficult material … her scholarship runs deep, thus her teaching is utterly reliable.” Indeed, Dr. Roseff has an impressive record of scholarship, collaborating on grants from NIH, the military, and industry and authoring or co-authoring over 20 book chapters, 51 peer-reviewed publications, and nearly 50 published abstracts.

She continues to serve as an inspiration and a role model demonstrating what a great mind, great teacher, and endless energy can accomplish. Kim Sanford, M.D., Assistant Professor of Pathology

Dr. Roseff’s leadership skills have also been recognized with her membership on the Board of Directors of the Virginia Commonwealth University Health System Authority, where she serves as the Board’s Secretary and as a member of the Executive Committee. She has lent her expertise to dozens of national, regional, and University committees.

As a woman in medicine, she has truly led by example and inspired me with her personal story of achievement and perseverance. Sadia Sayeed, M.D., Chief Resident, Pathology

For her dedication to scholarship to inform her teaching, willingness to take the time needed to help students learn important information or skills that will benefit patients, and for her personal connection with and genuine interest in her students, colleagues, and patients, we recognize Dr. Susan Roseff with the School of Medicine’s highest recognition for teaching.