Goals and Action Items

Increase the number of searches with representative pools by 10%

  • Use EEO data and recruitment inclusive champions to ensure identification of demographically representative hiring pools

Conduct ongoing search committee training

  • Track the number of faculty participants completing online training in a year

Expand Best Practices Guide for Recruitment

  • Enhance three sections of the current guide:
    • Best practices for Zoom
    • Best practices for in-person interviews
    • Reference checking with additional content

Develop an academic compensation plan to recognize research and educational excellence and set expectations for research, education and service effort

  • Work with faculty and chairs to develop and implement a new academic compensation plan by FY24
  • Develop performance expectations for basic health science faculty and chairs

Gather and use information to address retention challenges

  • Offer exit surveys for all faculty who leave School of Medicine positions
  • Continue to offer optional exit interviews
  • Report exit survey results to the Dean’s Senior Leadership Team and provide actionable steps on a yearly basis