VCU/VCUHS Leadership in Graduate MedicalEducation “LGME” Award – Program Director Award

This year’s awardee, Jennifer Rew, is described by her Neurology Program Associate Director as “nothing short of fabulous.” While simultaneously raising two small children and working toward a Master’s Degree in Education, Jennifer has worked extra hours, and weekends to ensure that tasks were done properly and her programs are fully supported. As an Education Team Leader for Neurology, Jennifer coordinates all aspects of the Adult Neurology and Child Neurology Residency Programs. She also coordinates the Fellowship programs in Clinical Neurophysiology, Neuromuscular Medicine and Epilepsy.

Residency and fellowship coordinators are a special sort of infrastructure support whose presence is like a load-bearing wall. In order to have a robust structure, programs rely on that wall to bear the weight of overseeing the personal well-being of the program’s residents and fellows, attending to details like accreditation paperwork, individual evaluations, call room needs and countless other items. In addition, a coordinator must always be attuned to the needs of the program’s director. Jennifer’s undergraduate background in Computer Information Systems makes her the go-to person for updating and maintaining the department website. The letters of recommendations for Jennifer’s candidacy were fervent in their praise of her:

“Jen manages the uniqueness of the individual programs masterfully. She is able to skillfully shift between programs… She helps guide and organize the clinical competency committees and program evaluation committees for each program. I do not think people realize just how amazing this is and how effortlessly she does her job. Jennifer’s best attribute is her ability to connect with the residents. Jennifer is truly a friend and confi dant to each of them” Scott Vota, DO (Associate Professor and Interim Chair, Neurology, Neurology Residency Director)

“Instead of having to admire how she has handled the crisis. I am more impressed that crisis situations are anticipated and dealt with prior to ever coming to my attention.” Lawrence D Morton, MD (Fellowship Director, Clinical Neurophysiology, Division Chair, Child Neurology)

“She has been an instrumental part of my education as a former resident, chief resident and current fellow in the neurology program. She keeps her door open and is always willing to talk to residents regardless of whether it is work related or personal. She genuinely cares for everyone in the program and will go out of her way to make sure everyone is okay…. She is a fundamental part of our program and I cannot imagine how we would function without having her steady presence in the offi ce.” Sandeep Kahlon, MD (Neuromuscular Fellow)

“She is the cog that keeps all the parts of our department running.” Andres Ruiz, MD (Neurology, PGY2)

“Jennifer has played a pivotal role in success of our newly established neuromuscular fellowship program” Hamid Sadeghian, MD, FRCPC (Assistant Professor, Program Director, Neuromuscular Fellowship)

Hearty congratulations to this year’s winner of the LGME Award for Program Coordinator, Jennifer Rew!