VCU/VCUHS Leadership in Graduate Medical Education “LGME” Award

“Fellowship Director Award”

Associate Professor and Fellowship Program Director, Dr. Ravi Vachhani, is this year’s fellowship director winner of the Leadership in Graduate Medical Education award. From medical college in Ahmedabad, India to residency and two fellowships at the Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, Dr. Vachhani has pursued excellence in the specialized field of advanced therapeutic endoscopy. He came to VCU in 2008, following his second fellowship in ERCP and Endoscopic ultrasound. Four years later, he took over the reins as Fellowship Program Director for Gastroenterology. In 2017, Dr. Vachhani was made Associate Professor.

Dr. Vachhani’s awards and honors include the VCU School of Medicine high evaluation award, and the Distinguished Junior Clinician award. In addition to regular inpatient and outpatient duties, he makes time for service to VCU. He is a University Faculty Senate alternate representing the School of Medicine. He has served as a small group facilitator during orientation season and participated on the GME Education sub-committee.

Division Chair, Dr. John Kuemmerle, writes in his nomination letter: “Dr. Vachhani exceeds the qualifications of a Leader in Graduate Medical Education and has demonstrated the highest level of effectiveness and innovation that a Fellowship Program Director can.” Under Dr. Vachhani’s guidance, the graduating fellows have a 100% board pass rate. Dr. Kuemmerle includes many quotations from learner evaluations and they speak to Dr. Vachhani’s educational prowess as well as his devotion to his Fellows:

“Great educator of both endoscopy and management of GI patients.”
“Dr Vachhani is an excellent teacher, thoughtful mentor and genuinely cares about the well-being of the fellows in addition to their didactic experience.”
“Best PD I could ask for.”
“Not only is he a phenomenal program director, he is an excellent clinician and role model.”

Colleague and internist, Dr. Stephen Bickston, describes how Dr. Vachhani has been “instrumental in the developing and launching [of] a program in formal Endoscopy Simulation.” He makes sure to include his trainees in almost every publication and has taken time to guide a fellow through the entire research process, from hypothesis formulation to manuscript submission.

Dr. Richard Sterling, Chief of Hepatology, touts Dr. Vachhani’s achievements as “bringing our program to a new level.” By shepherding the program through a re-credentialing cycle, he was able to make improvements which led to recruiting success in the form of top candidates. One of his greatest assets, said Dr. Sterling, is that “he listens to the fellow’s concerns which makes the program better.” Congratulations to Dr. Ravi Vachhani – this year’s winner of the Fellowship Program Director Leadership Award in Graduate Medical Education!