What We Believe

We reaffirm the core values of human dignity and of mutual, unconditional respect, and we acknowledge our responsibility to condemn racism and all forms of discrimination.

  • As educators and mentors, we support all our learners in achieving their professional goals while acknowledging unique experiences as a function of different backgrounds, culture, immigration or socioeconomic status.
  • As researchers, we work to close the gaps that racism and other forms of discrimination have created by broadening our research scope, diversifying participation in our clinical trials and improving the justice of dissemination and implementation of evidence-based medicine. In order to improve our ability to deliver precision care to all populations, we facilitate research that includes those who, historically, have been excluded and have not seen the benefits of those trials.
  • As clinicians, we protect all who pass through our doors and care for them with dignity, compassion and the best that medicine has to offer.
  • As learners, we understand the cause and effect of racism and discrimination and their impact on the lives of those in our community and nation. We are vigilant in our pursuit of knowledge so that we may mobilize it as the next generation of physicians and scientists to find solutions to present day and future problems in society and health.
  • As colleagues and peers, we ensure that every member of our School of Medicine community is respected and valued for who they are and for the diverse qualities they bring to our education, research and patient care endeavors every day.

We continuously strive for our workplace and learning environment to reflect the demographic and social milieu of the communities we serve, to advocate for these principles beyond our walls and to be a place of dignity, professionalism, mutual respect and inclusivity.

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A Message from our Chief Diversity Officer

“Diversity, equity and inclusion is a team sport. As a collective, we will make the difference,” says Kevin Harris, Ph.D., who now serves as the permanent senior associate dean for diversity, equity and inclusion for the School of Medicine.


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Foundational Discussions and Dialogue

Dialogue to Action

Reflecting our commitment to turn dialogue into action and engagement, we have established short-term, mid-range and long-term goals in making the School of Medicine a more diverse and representative place to train and work.

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