Beth C. Marshall, M.D.

After obtaining a B.S. in Zoology from Duke University, she came to VCU to complete another B.S. in Medical Technology...

VCU/VCUHS Leadership in Graduate Medical Education “LGME” Award – Fellowship Director Award

Dr. Beth Marshall is no stranger to VCU. After obtaining a B.S. in Zoology from Duke University, she came to VCU to complete another B.S. in Medical Technology, followed by medical school, residency and fellowship training. Her colleagues in the Department of Pediatrics have watched her grow from medical student to Director of the Pediatric Infectious Diseases Fellowship Program. Dr. William Koch describes her as “a dedicated and effective teacher [who is] highly regarded among the residents for her clinical teaching and her approachable style.”

Boundless energy and strong organizational skills are key elements for any fellowship director and Dr. Marshall has a surplus of both, taking on the role soon after becoming a faculty member in the department and just prior to a site visit from the ACGME. Department chair, Suzanne Lavoie, writes that “through her tireless energy and work, we were able to get through that site visit with flying colors.” Dr. Lavoie continues her praise, saying that when Beth “takes on a job, it isn’t to just get it done, it is to do it with EXCELLENCE and flair.” Dr. Marshall serves as a role model for fellows and residents in her work ethic and her dedication to her patients, “demonstrating patient-centered care with every interaction.”

Outside of her department, Dr. Marshall has impressed the Assistant Dean for Preclinical Medical Education, Dr. Susan DiGiovanni, with her dedication, effort and excellence as a Physician Coordinator for the Practice of Clinical Medicine course — a new course for the new undergraduate medical education curriculum. Beth not only taught the lion’s share of the course, she also designed the curriculum, made syllabus materials, checklists and cases. In short, writes Dr. DiGiovanni, “she really did an extraordinary job putting the new course together!” Comments from students in her course echo these observations: “Dr. Marshall is so engaging” and “Dr. Marshall is very invested in our academic success.”

Perhaps the most telling praise comes from the fellows in her program:

“Dr. Marshall excels at teaching. I owe a major part of being a competent Pediatric Infectious Diseases physician to the knowledge she has imparted with one-on-one instruction … Too many times leaders only speak but never listen. Dr. Marshall improves upon her leadership on a daily basis by making listening a vital part.”

“On a personal note, Dr. Marshall is an inspiration for all professional mothers … As a new mother myself, I have felt torn between the desire for an intellectually stimulating career and the ability to adequately provide for my child’s needs. I have often looked to Dr. Marshall for an example of how to do both well with one role not excluding the other.”

“… few physicians blend education and patient care as eloquently as Beth Marshall. Her dedication and commitment to her patients embodies the archetype of the humanistic medical practitioner.”