Welcome from the Director

VCUSOM Message from the Dean - Welcome from the Director

Welcome from the Director

Welcome to VCU Health, a dynamic and innovative institution that houses over 91 specialty programs and welcomes learners of all stages! As Richmond's only Level 1 Trauma Center and academic health system, we are comprised of the region's only full service Children's Hospital, a nationally recognized cancer institute, as well as Schools of Nursing, Dentistry, Pharmacy and more. For almost two centuries, VCU Health has been dedicated to empowering and educating the people and processes of tomorrow, where a healthy community is our number one goal. The Graduate Medical Education Program, which oversees more than 750 trainees, is a critical resource to our organizational success. Through the hard work of this program, along with our dedicated faculty and staff, VCU Health has won numerous ACGME Awards and annually recognizes team members for leadership excellence and teaching in medical education. This institution is committed to excellence in healthcare and education, as shown by our integrated techniques in patient care, medical education and research.

Whether you are already a visiting resident or fellow, or have not yet made the choice to rotate with us, please use this site as a main resource. Office contacts, policies and reference documents are readily available to help with your application and administrative needs. We are here to ensure your success each step of the way!


Brian M. Aboff, MD, MMM, FACP
Senior Associate Dean & Director, DIO, Graduate Medical Education
Clinical Professor of Medicine

Applicant Resources

Use the following resources to learn more about our training

Salary Scale

Compensation for the 2024-2025 academic year can be seen on the current Housestaff Salary Scale. Determination of PGY Salary Levels is based on the Graduate Medical Education Committee’s Stipend Policy, which can also be found under our Core Policies section below.


Core Policies

For assistance accessing any of these policies, please contact gmeadmin@vcuhealth.org.

Terms and Conditions of Service

The housestaff is responsible to the Medical Staff for the professional care of patients‌ and to the Administration for compliance with policies and regulations of the Hospital and Medical or Dental School.

Residents are graduate (medical or dental) students and their relationship with the institutions is an educational and training relationship. Residents are compensated as employees of the VCU Health Systems of Virginia Commonwealth University, but the resident’s employment relationship with the VCU Health System, which consists of MCV Hospitals, School of Medicine clinical departments, and MCV Physicians, is derivative of and dependent upon the resident’s continued enrollment as a graduate (medical or dental) student of the University.

Residents are assigned by the program director or his/her designee. Special preference and interests should be made known to the program director. Any necessary change because of illness, other emergencies, or the need for prolonged training must be made by the resident with the appropriate program director in consultation with the Director of Graduate Medical Education.

The chief resident, the faculty member on duty, and the departmental chairman of each service are responsible for the activities of the residents on each service as stated in the department’s supervision document. The medical staff and the administration are very interested in the general welfare of all patients, students, and housestaff.

All policies subject to change and will be immediately applicable unless otherwise noted.