At VCU School of Medicine, we’re invested not just in providing your medical education, but in supporting you as you choose and pursue your career. From new student orientation to graduation day, we are here to answer every question and celebrate every milestone on your journey to becoming a physician.

"When I started my fourth year, I was undetermined in what I would do for residency. After talking to the mentors in the Office of Medical Education, I had a solid plan for obtaining experiences that would inform my decisions. It eased my anxiety about not knowing and provided me with a step-by-step process of making my decision."
M.D. Graduate, Class of 2022

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Careers in Medicine: We'll help you find your fit

Choosing a specialty is a momentous decision. According to surveys of VCU M4s, approximately 65% of our students change their minds at least once during medical school about which field they want to pursue.

Built on the foundation of AAMC materials, our four-year integrated program, Careers in Medicine, provides support and guidance during each stage of your medical education. Through personality assessments, career-specific advising sessions, specialty workshops and residency match counseling, we’ll help you select and pursue the medical specialty that best suits you.

Special Events

From the white coat ceremony to graduation day, each milestone along the journey to becoming a doctor is worth celebrating. Our faculty and staff collaborate with leaders from each class to make these special events memorable for students and their loved ones.

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Student Groups

At VCU School of Medicine, there’s a group for every interest. Dozens of groups are available for medical students to meet, collaborate with and learn from their peers across a broad range of topics. Subject areas include medical specialties and subspecialties, volunteer opportunities, identity groups such as the Association of Women Surgeons, and shared hobbies like rock climbing and yoga.

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Community Service

We encourage medical students to give back to the community, with first-years completing at least 20 service hours in conjunction with the Patient, Physician and Society course. Students may volunteer with any organizations they wish, such as the American Red Cross, Jacob’s Chance, the Trauma Survival Network and Refugee Connect. Some organizations, like the Mattaponi Healing Eagle Clinic, are in collaboration with student interest groups.

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Student Support and Well-Being

University and MCV Campus Support

University Counseling Services

With offices on both the Monroe Park Campus and the MCV Campus, University Counseling Services provides support for all students through individual, relationship and group therapy, skills groups, support groups and crisis services.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

We reaffirm the core values of human dignity and of mutual, unconditional respect, and we acknowledge our responsibility to condemn racism and all forms of discrimination.

Mistreatment and Professionalism

We are committed to fostering an educational environment in which all learners and educators feel valued and respected. When mistreatment arises, we provide supportive, confidential support in reporting and addressing issues.

Office of Financial Aid

The VCU School of Medicine Office of Financial Aid provides the advice, resources and tools you need to reach your financial goals in medical school and beyond.

Life In Richmond

We encourage our students to maintain a healthy work-life balance, and Richmond is a wonderful place to engage in that well-rounded lifestyle. As a mid-sized city with a metropolitan population of 1.3 million, Richmond provides stimulating activities while maintaining its intimate feel and unique vibe. Vibrant neighborhoods offer distinct, diverse experiences, with no shortage of art galleries, museums, music venues, restaurants, breweries and parks.

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