Reaccreditation Preparation

Successful LCME reaccreditation depends on the efforts of our entire medical school community. As the visit approaches, the School of Medicine will engage in an intense period of self-study and evaluation to highlight our strengths and identify areas for growth.

LCME Accreditation Timeline

Summer 2022

Fall 2022

  • Hold LCME kick-off meetings
  • Create task force subcommittees
  • Compile data for DCI and begin analysis
  • Create ISA survey, distribute to students and begin data analysis
  • Begin correcting issues identified in self-study

Winter 2023

  • Collect DCI from subcommittees and begin review and analysis
  • Collect final ISA and begin review and analysis
  • Sustain and implement new quality improvement initiatives
  • Begin planning survey visit logistics

Summer 2023

  • Resurvey students on specific questions from ISA where improved results expected
  • Prepare self-study summary report
  • Conduct mock survey visit

Fall 2023

  • Confirm survey logistics
  • Conduct preparation sessions
  • Prepare final survey package
  • Submit DCI, self-study and ISA results to LCME

Feb. 18-21, 2024

  • LCME survey visit