Students' Bill of Rights and Responsibilities and Mistreatment Prevention Policies

This web page contains some of the resources covering many aspects of the learning environment that were developed by Virginia Commonwealth University and the VCU School of Medicine and help define student rights and responsibilities.

A detailed explanation of most policies and how to proceed if a policy is violated, as well as applicable penalties and other disciplinary action may be found in the Student Handbook for the MD program.

Resource guide for navigating concerns in the clinical environment

Submitting a concern through the VCU Safety and Support system


Request an advocate

Student Mistreatment - Request for Advocacy


Confidential Hotline

VCU offers a confidential hotline for reporting any incident of mistreatment of medical students or other medical student concerns.

MCV Campus: (804) 827-TALK 


If you have any questions or concerns regarding these policies, please contact:

Christopher Woleben, M.D.
Associate Dean for Student Affairs

Nicole M. Deiorio, M.D.
Associate Dean for Student Affairs