Director’s Welcome

Adam Garber M.D.Welcome to your Acting Internship! 

This will be the most impactful and challenging rotation of your fourth year (and arguably medical school!). I, along with departmental AI directors, have worked hard to make this a great experience and allow you to assume all duties of a typical intern. This is finally the time where you can act in the role of the primary provider for the patients under your care and formulate management plans. 

This rotation will prepare you well for your upcoming intern year assuming you push yourself during the rotation. This is the time to work on your efficiency, your weaknesses, gain practical skills, and also refine your clinical competencies including placing orders, handing off patients, providing cross-coverage, and recognizing and attempting initial management of sick patients to name a few. If you do not feel stressed or overwhelmed at any point during your AI rotation, then you have not gotten the most out of it! 

Push yourself to be the best provider you can be but be aware of your limitations and don’t be afraid to ask for help. This will not be viewed as a weakness! We all want the best for our patients and that is always the primary goal.   

I am are here to help you make the most of your AI rotations and fourth-year. Please contact me should you have any issues along the way.  


- Dr. Adam Garber