In the Class of 2025, you’ll find …

  • A fashion model, a phlebotomist, a farmer and a physical therapist.
  • A public health worker, a medical device developer and a molecular genetics researcher who studied coronary artery disease.
  • A first-generation college graduate and a soon-to-be first author on a research paper.
  • An artist who drew caricatures and another who does chalk murals.
  • An immigrant from Bulgaria and interns from NASA and the U.S. House of Representatives.
  • Baristas, bartenders and ballerinas who danced the Nutcracker and Swan Lake.
  • Volunteers who staffed a suicide hotline, hurricane relief and the security team for Kevin Hart’s Irresponsible tour.

On their way to medical school, they …

  • Served as EMTs in Seattle during the pandemic, as head scribe in the UVA emergency department, as a COVID-19 case investigator and on L.A. County’s Skid Row providing wellness checks and COVID-19 tests.
  • Created a charcuterie and luxury picnic company, watched every Harry Potter movie in one day and turned at least one apartment into a mini-jungle with more than 40 houseplants.
  • Survived the bite of an Australian paralysis tick, an encounter with grizzly bears and Ewing’s sarcoma of the pancreas.
  • Flew on a flying trapeze, rode an ostrich in Aruba and a camel in the desert.
  • Performed with a sketch comedy group, played the flute at Carnegie Hall and traveled the country as a science rapper.
  • Jumped out of planes over the Caribbean, off cliffs in Cancun and into a 32-degree Lake Michigan.
  • Swam with sharks and through seven million jellyfish, fostered kittens and trained a wild horse.
  • Hiked the Grand Canyon, trekked through the mountains of Nepal, solo backpacked in Thailand and climbed the highest peak in the Rocky Mountains.
  • Lived nearby in Richmond, far away in West Africa and on a boat in the South Pacific.

In four years …

  • Several will be the first physicians in their family.
  • And at least one will have mastered the ukulele.

White Coat Ceremony

Our newest class of medical students committed themselves to compassionate patient care and took up the mantle of the medical profession during the traditional White Coat Ceremony on August 6, 2021.

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