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Master's Programs

The VCU School of Medicine offers a wide range of Master's degree programs in research-based and applied biomedical sciences, public health and other areas. Master's students typically train under the guidance of faculty mentors and perform research or clinical work while taking advanced courses in a specific degree program. Most Master's students complete their degrees in 2 years. Graduates of our Master's programs can be competitive for further academic training (i.e. Ph.D. or M.D. Programs), or may pursue laboratory research positions in academia or industry, more clinically-oriented careers such as Genetic Counseling and Medical Physics, or job opportunities in education as well as other fields.

Please contact the programs below for additional information.


Financial Support, Tuition & Fees

PhD Financial SupportDue to limited resources, students in our M.S. programs do not typically receive direct financial support from departmental, School of Medicine or other VCU sources. The most recent tuition and fees information are provided by the VCU Student Accounting Department. Note that each M.S. program might have unique costs and therefore prospective students are encouraged to directly contact their programs of interest for additional information.

Appropriately enrolled U.S. citizens and permanent residents might be eligible for financial aid. For more information, please contact the VCU School of Medicine Financial Aid Office.


group of graduate students smilingEach M.S. program recruits students that are uniquely qualified and therefore each program has its own admissions process. Please contact each program for more information on how to apply.








Please contact the individuals below for additional information about each program.


Contact Information

Addiction Studies

Mary Loos, Ph.D.
Program Director
E-mail: meloos@vcu.edu

Anatomy and Neurobiology

Raymond Colello, D.Phil.
Program Director
E-mail: raymond.colello@vcuhealth.org


Tomasz K. Kordula, Ph.D.
Program Director
E-mail: tomasz.kordula@vcuhealth.org


Russ Boyle, M.A.
Program Director
E-mail: russell.boyle@vcuhealth.org

Genetic Counseling

Rachel Gannaway, M.S.
Program Director
E-mail: rachel.gannaway@vcuhealth.org

Human Genetics

Rita Shiang, Ph.D.
Program Director
E-mail: rita.shiang@vcuhealth.org

Medical Physics

William Song, Ph.D.
Program Director
E-mail: william.song@vcuhealth.org

Molecular Biology and Genetics

Michael McVoy, Ph.D.
Program Director
E-mail: michael.mcvoy@vcuhealth.org

Microbiology and Immunology

Lisa Shock, Ph.D.
Program Director
E-mail: lisa.shock@vcuhealth.org

Pharmacology and Toxicology

Hamid I. Akbarali, Ph.D. 
Program Director
E-mail: hamid.akbarali@vcuhealth.org

Physiology and Biophysics

Christina I. Kyrus, M.B.A.
Program Coordinator
E-mail: cikyrus@vcu.edu

Master of Public Health

Lisa S. Anderson, M.P.H.
Director of Educational Programs
E-mail: lisa.s.anderson@vcuhealth.org